We're working really hard to keep things simple.

We are the wanderers, the explorers, always on the go. When you live life to its fullest, having food that fuels your body in a healthy, sustainable way is a must. When your goal is to see the far-flung edges of the world, you'll do anything to support those that keep it pure.

Homegrown's grass fed and grass finished beef comes from ranchers dedicated to the humane treatment of animals and to sustainable farming practices. Homegrown jerky uses natural flavorings and no artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives, and is one of the best tasting, cleanest ingredient jerky products on the market.

The Homegrown tribe includes passionate creators, visionaries, athletes and dreamers that come from all walks of life, but have a common goal: healthy living. We are a global community of health-conscious, like-minded individuals dedicated to a natural way of life.

Homegrown knows you can’t go it alone. We want to feed the future, and to be the first snack you reach for when little ones need nourishing; when you need fuel fast; and, when you’re just plain hungry.

When it comes to beef,
the simpler the better.